Lewes is located in eastern Sussex County, Delaware, United States, a small incorporated town overlooking the serene Delaware Bay. Tucked away in its inland resorts and natural charm lies a population of just 2,747 inhabitants who call this place home.

Residents celebrate its close encirclement against neighboring region Rehoboth Beach; together, they curate the Cape Region’s extroverted economic growth for the entire state. But beyond all this is historical sentiment dear to locals: boasting its status as “The First Town in The First State,” residents prioritize their soft spots.

Quiet and dignified, charming and friendly, Lewes is a pearl in Delaware’s crown. With its boutique-filled streets, waterfront dining, and an unexpected edge of historical gems, visitors never tire of this unique sovereign point. From the minute they arrive, no tourist can deny there’s something regal in the air that whispers sweetly, “welcome to King Lewes!” Anyone who yearns for a soothing trek full of fascinating discoveries would enjoy wandering this old town that continues to brim with carefully guarded secrets. Secrets waiting to be discovered – along with unforgettable memories – as soon as you let yourself stroll through this beloved capital of Eastern Shore beauty.



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Having large unwanted items in the home or office can be overwhelming. What if you need the means to transport something bulky? You’re in luck! Unlimited Cleanouts has a solution. We offer Bulky Item Pickup in Lewes, Delaware, so that you don’t have to worry about disposing of your large items. Our team will come to your address and haul away all kinds of things, from refrigerators, mattresses, and furniture down to couches and loveseats. With our Bulky Item Pickup service, you only have to call us; we’ll take it from there. We know our clients have busy lives, so we handle transporting these large items – taking away any stresses relating to bulky garbage removal.

It’s time to eliminate that yard waste you’ve meant to dispose of! For many of us, this becomes a daunting task as throwing out wood debris is a challenging process. If you’re looking for an efficient, safe way to remove any remnants of your gardening project off your hands, then consider Unlimited Cleanout for the job. Our team will work quickly, Usually achieving removal within one day, so you can return to enjoying your freshly renovated yard! Don’t forget about Unlimited Cleanout — we’ll handle all your removal needs.

At Unlimited Cleanouts, we are excited to take the hassle out of disposing of a hot tub in Lewes, Delaware. We understand this bulky product can be challenging to handle without proper equipment and training, so our qualified team is here to assist you.


Our experts will disconnect any supplies, such as electric cables and water, to remove your hot tub. After this is done, they’ll be ready to load it onto a truck and transport the appliance away, allowing you to free up the space with minimum effort!


Looking for help with your cleanouts? Unlimited Cleanouts offers a reliable service to give your home the refresh it needs. Our team is not just there to haul away junk; they’re here to organize and sort things, so you can get back to feeling comfortable in your own space. And if demolition and construction are part of the project? No problem—our team has plenty of experience there too! One call to us is all you need—our competent repair contractors will deliver quality care and dedicate time to ensuring the job is done right. So, don’t put all those cleanout goals on hold any longer. Contact us today: we’re confident that no matter what you need to be cleaned out, we’ve got it covered!

At Unlimited Cleanouts, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality garage cleanout services. Our crew of professional and experienced helpers is able and ready to take on the challenge. We understand that most garages can become cluttered and unruly – but don’t worry! We will work hard to clear out any debris or junk stubbornly taking up space so you can get your garage back in proper order. Over the years, we have proudly served the local community and intend to continue providing reasonable cleanup solutions for many years.

If you want to clean your basement in Lewes, Delaware, Unlimited Cleanouts is here for you! We provide professional services for basement cleanouts with experienced staff to kick hassle and clutter to the curb. Our organized experts can remove furniture, appliances, boxes of clothes, holiday decorations– anything! Plus, we will gladly do so at a fair and reasonable price. Unlimited Cleanouts stays 100% honest and transparent with our rates and fees so that no surprises or hidden costs are concealed.

Have you ever neglected your attic, only to find it cluttered with old boxes, holiday decorations, and other belongings you no longer need? Let Unlimited Cleanouts help you create more space and get a better-organized home. We offer outstanding attic cleanout services in Lewes, Delaware. We will come to your house whenever you hire us and remove unwanted items from your attic. Our prices are highly affordable. In addition, we provide a free estimate; this way, you can always plan without surprise expenses upon our arrival.

Hoarding can be a severe issue and take a heavy toll on those affected. Fortunately, Unlimited Cleanouts offers professional services to help those dealing with hoarding in Lewes, Delaware. Our Hoarding Cleanout services are committed to delivering your fresh start. We arrive at your home, where our team will kindly remove any unwanted items while maintaining safety and sensitivity. If you or somebody precious to you is suffering from compulsive hoarding, look no further: please contact us right away to help with the issue.

At Unlimited Cleanouts, our mission is to make commercial cleanouts simple. A neat and organized workplace is a must for businesses looking for top-notch product quality and customer satisfaction—but maintaining it can be pretty challenging. From deep cleaning to cleaning up daily, we provide commercial cleanout services to help keep your workspace spotless. We also have the tools and skills to haul away more oversized items, such as construction debris. So no matter whether you need one big job done or help to spruce up your space on the regular, our team is ready whenever you are!

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If you need office cleanouts in Lewes, Delaware, Unlimited Cleanouts is here to help. Not only do we have a team of certified professionals on hand, but they’re also experienced and well-trained in removing all forms of unwanted clutter and junk. We’ll be happy to come to your office and remove any furniture, electronics, or other items you no longer need, emptying all the chambers, cupboards, and drawers so you don’t have to experience any further stress. After our work is complete, any remaining debris is removed, ensuring the area looks like it’d been freshly cleaned, giving you more space and peace of mind!

Are you looking to tackle a home cleanout but need help knowing where to begin? Don’t worry—that’s where Unlimited Cleanouts comes in. Our team focuses on making the entire process as streamlined and easy as possible for our customers. We start by working with you to define the materials that must be disposed of. From there, we take care of all the tedious heavy lifting and hauling, so you don’t need to linger over your treasured possessions during this transitional stage of life. Additionally, some items require greater care than others; rest assured that our qualified team members will handle all parcels with an acute attention to detail.

Apartment Cleanouts in Lewes, Delaware

Many people prefer living in an apartment due to the ease and comfort that comes with the level of amenities. But sometimes, these flats come with many challenges – one major challenge is the constant need for cleanliness. If you struggle to keep your abode or dwelling organized, look no further than Unlimited Cleanouts! Our experienced cleaners, fully equipped with impeccable skills, are all too happy to tackle every mess head-on. They’ll be sure to give your flat that brilliant spark of sanitized beauty it deserves; leave it looking tidier and cleaner than ever before!

Foreclosure Cleanouts in Lewes, Delaware

Foreclosure can be a difficult time, and the last thing you want to have to think about is cleaning out and sorting through the property. If you don’t take care of it, the bank could hire someone to do it, leaving you with an expensive bill. Unlimited Cleanouts is here to help make this process as easy as possible. Our team can fastidiously remove all your unwanted belongings in no time, making sure that situation is less stressful and giving you one less thing to worry about. We understand how challenging this situation can be for you and sympathize with those going through it. With our services, let us help bring some peace of mind amidst otherwise chaotic times – we exist to help bring light during complicated darkness.

HOA Cleanouts in Lewes, Delaware

Living in a homeowners association requires specific shared responsibilities. Chief among these is to keep the property tidy. However, this can be difficult when dealing with large items that are too cumbersome to remove– such as old furniture and appliances. Worry no more! Unlimited Cleanouts in Lewes, Delaware provides HOA cleanout services to solve the problem for you. No need for lifting on your own– we handle all the heavy lifting. Plus, everything would be disposed of in an appropriate manner; so, rest assured of our expertise!


At Unlimited Cleanouts, we’re here to make your life easier and simplify the process of junk removal and demolition services. Located in Lewes, Delaware, our team offers a demo performed with efficiency and safety in mind, no matter the size or type of structure. Sheds, decks, fences—whatever needs to come down we have the deep experience and equipment necessary to provide a complete job. And when your removal project is done, rest assured that we’ll also complete any debris clearing required—we’ve got you covered all the way through! Recognizing the difficulty of demolishing a unique home feature, our professionals carelessly create an understanding atmosphere throughout the process.

Summertime is an opportunity to make amazing memories outside with loved ones! Before the warmth fades, you must find a convenient and weather-resistant place to store outdoor furniture and equipment, such as swing sets. If a move or declutter project calls for removing your old one, Unlimited Cleanouts can be counted to swoop in and save the day reliably. Don’t fear needing special accommodations either: we offer cleanup services specializing in every size of swing set —from Lilliputian to giant—which will be safely removed from your home or office.

Say goodbye to your above-ground pool woes this summer with help from Unlimited Cleanouts! Whether you want to spend more time swimming or less time maintaining, our expert team ensures everything gets done right. We offer stress-free removal: draining the water, taking apart decks and railings, and disposing of all debris–leaving you with nothing more to do than simply enjoy a maintenance-free summer. With our help, you won’t have to lift a finger. Move over tedious days spent scrubbing and skimming–it’s time for you to take back your sunny afternoons! So go ahead and leave it in our skillful hands; we guarantee there will be a pool setup left standing once you let us handle the tear-down!

Are you looking to give your bathroom a facelift but find the gritty task of demolition daunting? Worry not. Unlimited Cleanouts brings you exceptional Bathroom Demolition services right in Lewes, Delaware. We’re proud to be equipped with every necessary resource to effectively tear out old fixtures and appliances to clear up the work spot clean. Plus, our experienced professionals will swoop in after to haul away debris, making possible a seamless service that is well known for its affordability!

Are you planning on sprucing up your backyard? You may want to remove an old, aging deck – the perfect place to start. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional company to complete your Deck Removal in Lewes, Delaware, look no further than Unlimited Cleanouts. Our team of experts is here to help you quickly and easily get rid of that existing structure without any damage being caused to the rest of your property. This reliable service ensures that updated look you’re aiming for!

Are you in need of fence removal? It can be challenging and present some safety concerns, mainly if the large fence is constructed with heavy materials. Homeowners often need help when it comes time to remove an outdated wall. Fortunately, Unlimited Cleanouts has the expertise and tools required to handle any sort of fence removal job. Let us take care of the difficult task and clear out your space quickly while ensuring the job is done correctly! Whether it’s time for an upgrade or to make more space in your yard, Unlimited Cleanouts provides a practical and hassle-free way to have your fence removed smoothly.

Sheds often provide essential storage or living space on home properties. Unfortunately, when a shed overwhelms its purpose and is outdated or damaged, it becomes an eyesore that may feel impossible to remove. The good news is that Unlimited Cleanouts has the solution for you! We specialize in Shed Removal services specifically in Lewes, Delaware. Our team of skilled experts will come to your home so you don’t have to manage the chore of painstakingly dismantling the half-broken wood and metal fixture yourself. Instead, Trust us to do a quality job without leaving a mess behind.


Same-day junk removal can be incredibly convenient for those needing quick service. Rather than waiting days or weeks for your debris and clutter to be cleared out, same-day junk removal allows you to have someone come in and take away any unwanted items immediately.

Unlimited Cleanouts can help you reclaim your home or office! With our same-day junk removal service, all that unwanted clutter, mess, and debris can be removed and taken away quickly – it’s truly a blessing for those who are pressed for time. Our team of experts has the knowledge and equipment needed to tackle any junk removal job, whether big or small. We strive to provide efficient, trustworthy service so you can get back to living life more freely. Trust Unlimited Cleanouts with your next mess, and let us help you turn chaos into calm.

Unlimited cleanouts


Many of us are looking for ways to go green while meeting our needs. Eco-friendly junk removal is a great way to do just that. It involves disposing of old furniture, appliances, scrap metals, and more while minimizing the environmental footprint they leave behind. This helps keep nature in its natural state, creating an overall healthier environment for us to live in.

Unlimited Cleanouts promises to make cleaning your home or office more accessible and eco-friendly. Our junk removal service helps eliminate bulky items such as appliances, furniture, electronics, and yard waste quickly and efficiently. Not only do we offer dependable services with no hidden fees, but we also strive to be as eco-conscious as possible by ensuring that all materials are recycled, resold, or repurposed whenever possible. With Unlimited Cleanouts, you can declutter in a way that clears your conscience, knowing that your junk won’t be adding to the growing landfill problem. Call us at 302-760-3167 to learn more about how we can help you go green with your junk removal needs.


Same-Day Service

Offering same-day service, we are the ideal solution for those with busy schedules that need a quick cleanout of old furniture, appliances, office equipment, or construction debris.


Professionalism is the name of the game for Unlimited Cleanouts. Offering junk removal services, we strive to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs. We ensure our employees have the necessary training, safety gear, and technology to do the job quickly and correctly.

Wide range of services

Offering a wide range of services, such as furniture removal, appliance disposal, and yard waste disposal, they’ve made it easy to get rid of all that stuff without lifting a finger!

Serving throughout Delaware

We are proud to offer convenient and affordable junk removal services throughout Delaware and the surrounding areas. We have built a solid reputation for our fast response time, customer-oriented approach, and efficient services that meet all of our client’s needs.

Excellent Customer Service

With professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff always ready to go above and beyond for customers, our excellent customer service sets us apart from the crowd. We provide fast, reliable, and comprehensive junk removal services!


When you have too much junk and not enough time to take care of it, contact Unlimited Cleanouts. Whether you are cleaning out a home, apartment, or business, our highly trained team can help haul away any unwanted items quickly and safely. With years of experience and an eye for detail, your junk removal project is in good hands when you choose Unlimited Cleanouts! So why wait? Get in touch with Unlimited Cleanouts for efficient junk removal services today.

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